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Welcome to the Kiki's Delivery Service Homepage!

Here's the homepage for the author of the original novel of "Kiki's Delivery Service"

"Kiki's Delivery Service" is on video in the United States September 1998. I feel like the people who live in USA should know about my original novel as well.
As you have seen in the video, the leading characters are Kiki, a witch-in-training, and Jiji, a black cat. Kiki's daddy is a human-being, and her mother is a witch. So, Kiki is half-blood witch. Jiji the cat is about her age, and as two of them were brought up together, they understand to each other, though each language is different; Kiki speaks in human-beings' language, Jiji, cats' language. They have grown up helping each other.
Accoring to a tradition, when a daughter of a witch becomes twelve years old, she has to make a resolution by herself whether she wants to become a witch or not. And if it's 'yes', she has to be taught magic by her mother at age thirteen. Kokiri, Kiki's mother, can fly a broom and also she can make a good herb medicine for sneezing. However, Kiki is too modern to learn how to make medicine, soon she gave up on their teaching. Naturally, the only magic she knows is how to fly a broom.
Then one full moon's night, Kiki left her home with Jiji as her companion to spend a year alone in a new town where no witches have ever been lived, only taking advantage of her own abilities. This is a period to establish a full witch.
Kiki and Jiji found themselves in a beautiful town of Kolico and started to live there. At first they didn't feel welcome, but Kiki had the courage to set up her flying delivery service with only her magic flying broom. Kiki delivered many things, such as a birthday present, a love letter, even some spring sound.
Thus, a little by little, she has established herself in this town. Sometimes, she had to deal with her feelings of loneliness and worry, but there were always nice people of town happy to help her. Also Kiki has met Tombo, a boy, whose biggest dream was to fly and become nice friends to each other. After one year has passed, Kiki gains a lots of experiences and finds her own independence.

I would like all the people who have seen the animated video to read my original novel. You can read it in English, in Italian and in Korean. And I'm waiting for coming Chinese edition in 2003. I hope many of you will read and enjoy my book!


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