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[My starting point]
I was born in the old part of Tokyo.
In 1960, when I was 25 years old, I've spent 2 years in Brasil as emigrant. Based on my experience at that time, I've written a nonfiction story "Brazil and My Friend Luizinho" about a brazilian boy who loves dancing samba, and this became my maiden work in 1970. My career as a writer has started like this, and after 7 years of writing by myself, my books got to be published.

[My hobby]
I love listening to brasilian music alone in dancing (I don't want anyone to see me!)

- Shipped across the oceans for two months to Brasil; it was the journey which went halfway around the grobe.
- A long time ago, I've driven a little 4CV of Citroen in Europe for 9000km.
- I made a trip to see a witch to Roumania and Germany.

[My favorite things to eat]
- "Ojako"(dried japanese anchovy frys)
- rice
- japanese pickles
- fried "Okoze"(stonefish)
- smelly cheese

[My passion]
- My dog called KAYA(ShihTzu)
- Drawing : here's my drawings!


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